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I created this blog to share Maya scripts that I use on a regular basis at work. These scripts ARE NOT MY OWN, but I feel like passing along what I've acquired and learned to other artists. Enjoy!

Skin As (mel script)

Originally created by Christophe Petit... Later modified by Mike Rhone.
You can download the file HERE or over at Mike Rhone's site.

1~ Install script in Mayas script folder
2~ Copy - Paste in the command line or script editor


Made this short tutorial at the request of a co-worker of mine...
Any questions, Feel free to contact me.

Mirror Blendshapes (python script)

ALL credit goes to Seamus O'Hearn on Creative Crash.

Click on the link to download the Mirror Blends python script. 
Made a small tutorial on how to install and use, if you need the help.

1~ Copy script to Maya script folder.
2~ Run Maya... Copy, Paste to Script Editor (python tab)

import MirrorBlends
reload (MirrorBlends)

EDIT: Just keep the three lines of code... You'll get the error on a regular basis, but it should still work... without fail.

3~ Execute script (pretty self explanatory pop up window)

ALL credit goes to Seamus O'Hearn on Creative Crash.